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Easy Guide to Book Covers

New to book covering? No problem! Follow our easy guide below.


Finding the right book cover for your books is important and Ryco provides the following information to make your decision about which book protection to use easier than ever.


The most vulnerable part of any book is the spine area. Therefore it is important to provide the correct protection so that your books are not damaged.

Paperback Book Protection


  • Provides the durability of a Hardback book while retaining the appeal of a Paperback.
  • Easily fitted by hand in less than 30 seconds…Simply trim with Fiskar scissors to the perfect size.

To make it easy, we suggest you use either of the following size of Rhino.2:


 Stock Code Description Height Width
 RCH1251 A popular size, ideal for books up to A4 size 318mm 269mm
 RCH1075 Ideal for books below A4 and smaller 267mm 209mm


A Rhino Book Covers’ strength is its proven performance time after time.


Cotton Repair Tape

 We recommend using Ryco Cotton Repair Tape in conjunction with Rhino.2 Book Covers to ensure ultimate book protection.

  • An extra strong, book repair, adhesive, cotton repair tape.
  • Secures the inner spine to the text.
  • Suitable for use on new books or used books.

 Stock Code Description Height Width
 CT325 Cotton Repair Tape 30mm 25M
 CT510 Cotton Repair Tape 50mm 10M
 CT810 Cotton Repair Tape 80mm 10M

Cotton Repair Tape provide maximum strength to the spine of all books.



Hardback Book Protection



  • A.Just.A.Roll...The no hassle way to protect hardback books. This roll is designed to protect dustjackets on Hardcover books. 
  • One side of the roll is pre-folded and there is a continuous self-adhesive strip on the other side so that the bottom fold can be made quickly.
  • Easy to Use and can be cut to any length. 
 Stock Code Description Height Width
 RHP2725 A.Just.A.Roll 270mm 25M
 RHP2775 A.Just.A.Roll 270mm 75M