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Our cutting tools will give a professional looking finish to our book covers.

Book Tape

General purpose tape with numerous uses, Ryco Book Tape is ideal for repairing, reinforcing, protecting and covering. Strong, transparent, easy tear and non-static, this tape will not yellow over time and is suitable for most taping needs.

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Cotton Repair Tape

Cotton Repair Tape - provides strength for books at their most vulnerable point - between the spine and the book hinge! Invaluable for strengthening spines of new books or repairing damage this tape conforms easily to uneven surfaces. Highly recommended!

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Scotch Magic Tape

Scotch Magic Tape - permanent tape that mends, seals, and secures. This non-yellowing tape disappears when applied and remains invisible over time. Suitable for writing on, it will not ghost when photocopied. Various lengths, widths and sizes available.

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PolyWrap Tape

PolyWrap Tape - 70 micron PVC and polypropylene laminate is available in numerous sizes of varying lengths. Ideal for protecting for protecting maps, posters, books, magazines and photographs this is a cost-effective solution to taping requirements.

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C27 Tape Applicator

Books repaired quickly and effectively withC27 tape applicator which dispenses and cuts many types of tapes using single or multiple rolls simultaneously. The tape dispenser accommodates books of any length and cuts tape to exact lengths desired without measuring.

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