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For Hardbacks
A.Just.A.Roll is the ideal protection for the dust jackets of hardbacks.

Eco Friendly
Made from environment friendly materials.
Eco Friendly

Product Overview

A.Just.A.Roll is specifically designed for hardback editions where dust jackets are involved. These covers are the perfect way to protect the dust jackets of your hardback books. The rolls come in four standard heights which allow you to cover virtually any size of hardback book. One side of the roll is prefolded and there is a continuous self-adhesive strip on the other side so that the bottom fold can be made quickly.

Also available in sleeve form, A.Just.A.Sleeve. A.Just.A.Sleeve offers the same protection yet is sealed at the top and bottom.

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  • A.Just.A.Roll is made from 85 micron glass clear polypropylene and white Kraft paper.
  • These rolls are prefolded on the top and have a continuous self-adhesive strip along the bottom edge.
  • A.Just.A.Roll hardback rolls are made from environmentally friendly materials using solvent free adhesives.