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For Paperbacks
ClearShield is a PVC slip-over cover ideal for paperback books.

ClearShield Explanation

Our ClearShield covers come in sizes from 166mm through to 320mm with 2mm increments. We have broken these down into 5 matrices. ClearShield covers are also available in off-standard sizes.  Bespoke prices are available on request.

To choose the correct size for your book please measure your book with a ruler from the bottom of the cover to the top of the cover (i.e.) 265mm please order a 266mm jacket as this has a 2mm tolerance built in.

  • ClearShield - Heights from 166-198mm
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  • ClearShield - Heights from 200-228mm
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  • ClearShield - Heights from 230-258mm
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  • ClearShield - Heights from 260-288mm
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  • ClearShield - Heights from 290-320mm
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