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For Paperbacks
ClearShield is a PVC slip-over cover ideal for paperback books.

Eco Friendly
Made from environment friendly materials.
Eco Friendly

Product Overview

Available in over 74 individual heights ranging from 166mm to 320mm, all with adjustable lengths, the ClearShield PVC slip-over cover is the ideal way to protect paperback books. The ClearShield cover is a high quality RF welded cover which gives it both strength and durability.

The ClearShield slip-over cover can be fitted to a paperback book in a matter of seconds and it is uniquely designed to give all round protection to both the cover and spine.

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  • Clearshield jackets are made from environmentally friendly materials.
  • The Ryco ClearShield slip-over cover is made from the highest quality 180 micron glass clear plasticized PVC.
  • The main body of the ClearShield cover is made from 180 micron PVC, the pocket and straps are made from 140 micron PVC.
  • A flexible, strong orange peel PVC film, specially formulated to be soft yet durable.

When fitted, the ClearShield slip-over covers will enhance the appearance of a book and greatly extend a book’s normal life expectancy. These covers offer excellent protection during both the summer and winter months.