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Automated Machines - Prolam

Prolam - Automatic Hardback Sleeve Covering Machine



Prolam is designed for covering hardback book sleeves with Prolam high grade thermal laminate film, in a quick and efficient way.
Prolam replaces the need to use traditional Mylar rolls or sheets which come in 100 different sizes.
Prolam uses 1 standard roll size - 380mm

Prolam is capable of laminating up to 1000 sleeves per hour at an average length of 600mm applying a double laminate,
covering back and front of the hardback sleeve with a 27 micron Polyester film.


Prolam - The Worlds First Automatic Hardback Sleeve Covering Machine.


Technical Specifications



Length340mm As material feed is continuous, maximum length does not apply

CYCLE TIME 1000 cycles per hour (assumes feed rate of 3.5secs per jacket)




25kW / 400 VAC


7 bar, 20M³ / hr


676 Kgs - laminating station
664 Kgs - parallel conveyor
1843 Kgs - total weight of standard configuration


FLOOR SPACE Refer to schematic drawings - varies by options & preferred layout

1.Fast and efficient covering of hardback sleeves with a very high quality finish.

Replaces traditional cut sheets and rolls used for covering sleeves.

3.One size roll covers 98% of all books.

Simple to operate.

Prolam Video:


Contact our sales team today to discuss this machine on sales@ryco.ie